Sometimes we find the world to be wonderful. Sometimes not.  When we go through life, it is always up to us to decide what we think, what we say and what we do. It is up to us to choose how we see ourselves, what we observe around us, and about those people meet throughout the day.  

We can be positive in outlook or negative in outlook or just indifferent. But we must understand that what we think is OUR CHOICE.  And if we want to make the world around us better, we can always start with ourselves.  For in truth, ourself is all we can have control over.  So I choose to see the world and myself in as positive a light as I can.  Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I succeed. . That's Life. 

My art is just a reflection of my outlook on life.  I hope you CHOOSE TO ENJOY LIFE as I do.

On your wedding day...are you hoping just for, "Good Enough?"   Of course not!  Or are you?

There is real risk in just hoping."someone" will capture all those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments on their personal cell phones and pocket cameras!  Will there be someone in the right places at the right times, with the right lens, lighting, and experience to assure a great shot, and a great memory?  

Your wedding day will be filled with precious "once in a lifetime" moments, treasured memories that will either be captured and preserved for you and your friends, family, and future generations to enjoy...or left to the frailities of human memories, subject to deterioration, even complete loss over time.

How good will your memories be during this time of high emotion?   So many times our clients say, "I NEVER saw that before.  "At my friend's weddings, I WISH I had taken a picture of ????  

You may choose to have a professional photographer as a member of your wedding event team, or you may choose to allow an amateur, or friends, and/or family members to make the attempt to record all of those important moments. THe choice is yours to make.  Just remember, all choices in life have consequences.  After all the events are over, we also hope you will be satisfied with the choices you made.. For more than just hopes...hire a professional!

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